Concerts at the Hôtel Sainte Valière

Aubrey Haddard – Concert – 21 October 2018

Roadrunners – Concert – 21 June 2018

French Like US – public rehearsal – 12 May 2018

Jazz Rendezvous – Apéro musical – 30 August 2017

Ensemble Belleville – Apéro musical – 24 July 2016

On the program, the jazz manouche duo Ensemble Belleville, songstresses from Sainte Valière Denise Tavier, Gaëlle Builles, and Linda French, and Melbourne duo Taegen Hannah et Adam Ferguson. A beautiful night, thanks to all who participated, and to Gaëlle Builles for the photos.

Ensemble Belleville’s website is here

plus de photos de l’apéro musical du 24 juillet

The Sugar Fed Leopards – Apéro musical – 3 September 2015

The Sugar Fed Leopard’s website is here.

Vardos – Opening night – 26 July 2015

Vardos’ website is here

more photos of our 2015 concerts

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