Hôtel Sainte Valière

Arts residency in the south of France

A grand old house, in a small village amongst the vines in the south of France. The region is the Minervois, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Mountains, not far from the Spanish border. Olive trees, fruit trees, pretty little market towns, fresh local produce, local wines, walks, river swims. Hôtel Sainte Valière is an arts residency, a place of creative production and cultural exchange, and proposes concerts and events. We are currently accepting artist applications for our September and October 2018 residency programs, and for May and June 2019. Exceptionally we will also be open to artists this July 2018.

Margarita Georgiadis – painter – Australia – June 2018

“My residency at Hôtel Sainte Valière fulfilled my every wish and expectation of what the perfect artists residency should be. Uninterrupted, peaceful endlessnessism of time, productivity and wandering through a spectacular landscape that feeds inspiration. A lifetime can be savored in a day here, with the wonderful knowledge that tomorrow will bring yet another lifetime of continuing magical experiences.”

Jade Lillie – arts executive – Australia – June 2018

“Hôtel Sainte-Valière is a peaceful and creative place where friends and artists come together, make new work, share conversations and focus on creative ideas.

Eloise has created a very special place for artists that welcomed me to experience this beautiful part of the world whilst writing, walking, sharing meals and great conversation.

I highly recommend Hôtel Sainte-Valière as a place to stay and undertake your own project, collaborate on ideas and sit in the beautiful garden whilst enjoying the sunset over the vineyards.

It’s been such a pleasure.”

Current availability 2018 for artist residencies at the Hôtel Sainte Valière:

June: 1 room 15 – 22 June

July: 1 room 16 – 23 July

September: 1 room 1st – 30 September

October: 1 room 1st – 19 October

Our next residency for artists with children is 1 – 11 May 2019 (two rooms available)