Chefs in Residency

The exchange

Hotel Sainte Valiere offers you a room to live and work in during our residency season. In exchange, every second evening you prepare the evening meal. You may occasionally be asked to lend a hand moving furniture or watering the garden, but this will be minimal and the rest of your time is your own. You may come solo or with a partner. In certain circumstances it is possible to come with children. You need to be able to cook, to plan a meal, and to drive. You don’t have to be an artist, or planning to work on your own projects to apply. You can take the car (a relatively ancient Renault Twingo) for personal use as well, just check availability with your host.


  • May and June 2022: Artist / Chef exchange residency
    (catering for 5 – 10 people per meal)
  • Late August and September 2022: Artist / Chef exchange residency
    (catering for 5 – 10 people per meal)
  • 22 September – 1 October 2022 French language residency:
    Paid chef residency (catering for 20 people per meal)
  • 3 – 13 October 2022 Artists with children / Chef exchange residency (for this one it is possible to bring your kids)

Length of stay: maximum 2 weeks if this is your first time with us, by negotiation if otherwise.

How it works

Every second day, you plan, shop for, and prepare the evening meal. There is a car for you to use. You can buy direct from the producer, at markets or the supermarket, which are all outside the village. We cook with local and organic produce wherever possible. You are likely to need to cater for various dietary requirements. We generally cook Mediterranean fare but you are most welcome to cook whatever you fancy. Simple but tasty is fine. Be aware not all exotic produce is available in this part of the world.

The dinners are 20€ per person including drinks. The hotel supplies drinks and nibbles for 5€ per person, so your budget is 15€ per person for the meal. The meal can be starter + main course/ main course + dessert/ or starter + main course + dessert if you feel that way inclined. You will be provided with cash to buy ingredients. Quantities must include the meals of your host and yourself (eg a dinner with 5 paying guests must feed 7 people).

Your host will make sure you have everything you need both as a guest and as a cook, prepare the dining space and table, receive the dinner guests, assist you with the serving and clearing of plates and with the tidy up of the kitchen at the end of the evening.

To apply contact